AEM Developer, Freelance (Mid to Lead Level)

Job description

400 talented people on a dozen different teams, each focused on particular clients and dedicated to producing best-in-class work. Our shift to a remote-first model has only strengthened and diversified our company culture, and we’re committed to career advancement, personal support, and a healthy work/life balance for everyone we hire.

Instrument is excited to connect with AEM Developers of varying levels who are open to contract engagements for immediate and future needs with the agency. We are looking for enthusiastic collaborators who are passionate about their craft and flexible in their work engagements, joining our teams for a few months, a few weeks or just a few days. We encourage you to submit your materials with as much detail as possible so we are able to thoughtfully consider you for freelance needs as they arise.

We’re looking for AEM Developers with experience in the technical design and implementation of large public-facing web sites and have the appropriate certifications. You like architecting solutions and implementing them while working collaboratively in large teams. You understand how to customize the authoring experience and build the front-end to pull in data from the AEM platform across multiple channels.

What You'll Do

  • Become an embedded member of a multi-disciplinary team in a highly collaborative environment with diverse perspectives and expertise
  • Evaluate and consult on existing AEM implementations
  • Architect and implement solutions leveraging Adobe AEM Sites
  • Build custom Adobe AEM Components and Templates
  • Collaborate with internal and external developers on strategy and implementation
  • Assess and solve complex visual or functional issues with AEM as they arise

What You'll Bring

  • Experience working on cross-disciplinary teams
  • Experience developing applications, templates, and components for Adobe AEM
  • Experience customizing workflows and integration with other enterprise systems
  • Ability to write complex programs, analyze code changes and make suggestions to improve code complexity for maintainability and scalability.
  • Curiosity, humility, and a passion for doing great work

Pay Range

  • The expected pay range for this role is $42 -198 per hour
  • Our company has three regional pay bands that it adheres to depending on your location, we -reference them as US 1, US 2, and US 3.
  • US 3 is our base pay. Examples of cities in US 3 are Portland, Houston and Miami.
  • US 2 pay is 7.5% higher than US 3 to meet the market rates. Examples of cities in US 2 are Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle.
  • US 1 pay is 15% higher than US 3 to meet market rates. Examples of cities in US 1 are ​​Brooklyn and San Francisco.
  • If you are curious which region you are in, please apply and get connected with our recruiting team!


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