API Sales - Account Executive

Job description

Sila’s goal is to transform the financial landscape by creating an open-access financial network with a stable cryptocurrency at its core. We want to help developers and entrepreneurs bring their fintech ideas to market quicker and easier by incorporating compliant processes and making money programmable.

As an Account Executive you will generate new business by working with our customers to address their need to incorporate payments into their applications quickly and easily through the use of our APIs.

Here is what you will be doing:

  • Listening to our customers needs and aspirations to identify the payments infrastructure they need to bring their dreams to life.
  • Educating the business and technical contacts at our customers on the compliance and technical requirements to implement our solution.
  • Incorporate partners from our financial marketplace to address the needs of our customers.
  • Selling an innovative solution that will save our customers time and money and provide their customers with a better experience.
  • Other duties as assigned

Here is what will have prepared you for this role:

  • At least 5 years experience in B2B sales, preferably SaaS, PaaS or technical products.
  • Experience selling software and API solutions.
  • Experience working with fintechs or in the payment and financial transaction industry.
  • A passion for solving customer hurdles and issues associated with payments and compliance.
  • Strong understanding of ACH, Credit and other financial transactions, including crypto currencies.
  • The ability to build trusting relationships with a wide variety of people and close sales deals
  • Experience in generating new business leads and prospects.

As a Sila Team member you will

  • Be part of developing and building a  whole new financial system making moving money quicker and easier.
  • Be joining a great and diverse team of experienced and respected professionals.
  • Play an active role in bringing our customers dreams to life and through them serve the financial needs of many underserved populations around the world.


  • Expected Salary is $60,000-80,000, depending on relevant experience.
  • Stock options and benefits package including health care, retirement, and responsible “unlimited” time off.

Sila Core Values

  • Accountability – we hold each other to the highest standards to ensure quality in ourselves and our products
  • Teamwork – we support each other to succeed as a team; we are collaborative and help each other develop
  • Fearless – we take calculated risks and we are not afraid to learn from setbacks and failures
  • Respect - we treat every team member with respect and welcome differing viewpoints. No mean-spirited, selfish, or condescending behavior allowed
  • Integrity – we are honest and forthright about who we are; we admit our mistakes; we live our values
  • Fun – we are serious about injecting humor, play, and joy into our daily work

Job Type: Full-time

Sila is based in Portland, OR, but this role is remote.  Periodic trips to Portland for meetings to to customers, trade shows and conferences will be expected, once those events are allowed.


Banking and Payment APIs for the next generation of fintech innovators