Backend Engineer

Job description

Backend Engineers at Airship maintain and improve the backend services that power our platform. They are responsible for the reliability, scalability, and maintainability of a large, distributed system. We provide low latency services that process a stream of events from apps, web, mobile wallet, email, sms, and internal services. In an average week, you will:

●      Collaborate with teammates in other functional roles, including Product Managers, Web Engineers, and Program Managers

●      Read, understand, and write code (primarily Java)

●      Plan for, and develop, new features that will be implemented across multiple microservices

●      Work with Infrastructure, QA, and other Engineers to troubleshoot issues that are escalated through Support

●      Test changes, both manually and by writing and updating unit tests

●      Attend meetings with the team, including sprint planning, backlog refinement, and retrospectives

●      Work with a strong, cross-team group of Backend Engineers to build a consistent and maintainable platform

What to Expect

This position is geared toward a Junior to Mid-Level developer. There are opportunities for both collaborative and independent work and you will be part of a larger functional team with plenty of senior engineers ready to help if you need it.

Within the first week, you will:

●      Be introduced to the cross-functional team and will learn what each role does

●      Set up your development environment, be granted access to source code and internal systems

●      Read a lot of documentation and watch a few videos to learn about our product and platform

●      Clone code and set up one or more local instances of services

●      Be assigned your first ticket and start solving problems

Within the first month, you will:

●      Gain familiarity with team processes

●      Write code, unit tests, and internal documentation for the new features you are working on

●      Deploy your changes to our production environment

●      Update assigned tickets as the status changes and communicate closely with the tech lead on your team to stay unblocked

●      Participate in daily standups and other team meetings

●      Participate in code review (including reviewing code written by more senior Engineers)

Within the first 3-6 months, you will:

●      Join the on-call rotation and collaborate to resolve production issues (the entire team takes turns with week-long shifts)

●      Continuously explore, understand, and improve unfamiliar codebases

●      Make pragmatic decisions about when to refactor and when to iterate

●      Deploy updates across services to bring new functionality to end users


●      Over time, take on more responsibility for a distributed system designed to handle massive load

●      Understand the infrastructure and tools available through Google Cloud Platform

●      Contribute to schema design (we use a mix of SQL and NoSQL databases)

●      Troubleshoot latency and scale issues by navigating internal dashboards, understanding things like database load and partitioning, and reading logs


●      Experience writing Java and familiarity with industry best practices

●      Application development experience using Java (or similar Object Oriented language)

●      Strong verbal and written communication skills

●      Demonstrated ability to work both independently, and in a team environment

Bonus points for:

●      Experience using a Linux-based development environment (managing software, using the terminal, familiarity with basic utilities)

●      Experience with the Google Cloud Platform or AWS

●      Practiced Git workflows (branching, merging, resolving conflicts)

●      Experience with distributed NoSQL systems or key-value stores

Airship has a fantastic career path for developing software engineers like yourself, including support to grow your career with regular 1:1s, multiple review cycles per year, a professional development fund, and mentor/mentee opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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