Brokerage Operations Associate

Job description

Hi there. We’re Bumped. A tech company on a mission to build meaningful, lasting relationships between customers and companies by turning loyal shoppers into shareholders. Along the way, we make the (traditional, sometimes stodgy) stock market more approachable, understandable, and—dare we say it—fun.

You can see the details about our culture in the section below, but to summarize: we’re building something great to help turn everyone into an owner, and partnering with brands that are passionate about relationships with their customers. After all, it's not about us. It's about customers and the brands they love, loving them back.

As Brokerage Operations Associate, you will be responsible for the day-to-day brokerage operations of Bumped Financial, the Broker-Dealer that powers the Bumped stock rewards program. The ideal candidate is someone who has knowledge of brokerage operations, including firm ledger management, trade corrections/rebills, and corporate actions. There will also be many opportunities to assist with account openings and ongoing user maintenance. You will work closely with the Broker-Dealer leadership team to build a scalable and efficient operations model. The role is best filled by a self motivated team player who can own many processes.

The Role

  • Participate in ongoing projects to build out and scale operational and broker-dealer technology platforms
  • Identify processes that can be refined or automated within the regulatory framework
  • Design and monitor exception reports to identify outlying user activity or opportunities for efficiency improvements
  • Complete daily operational procedures and ensure risk controls are followed, documented, and maintained
  • Review and reconcile firm ledgers
  • Process trade bookings and cancel/rebills
  • Provide ongoing user account maintenance, including account closures and user updates
  • Monitor and manage corporate actions, including dividends
  • Provide assistance with new account openings within the firm’s KYC and AML processes

Experience & Skills

Humility is our #1 job requirement. We hope that candidates will bring their competencies and expertise, not their ego.

  • Finra Series 7 and 24 required (or current Series 7 and willingness to obtain Series 24 within 4 months pending strong regulatory background of candidate)
  • Brokerage operations/trading experience
  • Understanding of FINRA and SEC Regulatory framework for Broker-Dealers
  • Knowledge of trading, clearance, corporate actions, ACATS, and settlement
  • Experience with firm account reconciliation and trade corrections/rebills preferred
  • Motivated and proactive team player who takes ownership and accountability
  • Interest in fintech, startups, and reimagining personal finance


  • Fintech Experience
  • Prior experience working with Apex Clearing
  • Basic SQL skills
  • Zendesk knowledge

Working at Bumped

Here at Bumped, we believe in a culture of leadership. That means that all of our employees...

Own It: Leaders own results—whether things go right or wrong. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, we learn from our mistakes, we don’t point fingers.

Get the Big Picture: Always seek to understand what’s happening beneath the surface—from how we make company decisions to how your team prioritizes projects. Ask questions when you don’t understand directives or decisions. It’s much easier to believe in a mission when you fully understand it, as opposed to doing so simply because it was a directive.

Assess Your Alignment: Make sure everything you do—on an org, team, or project-level—is aligned with our overarching company goals and values. We must move in the same direction, or nothing will get done.

Be Advanced Humans: We value diversity, inclusivity, and humility. We’re working hard to do something big, and we never lose sight of ethics and respect for all.

Let’s build something great, together

Bumped is still in the early stages of our mission to make everyone an owner, we love the energy and creativity that happens when we are together. So, while we are open to hiring remotely for this position, we prefer people who are in the Portland area and can join us for collaboration sessions to keep the ideas flowing.

We have an amazing open office space in downtown Portland with room to grow. Assistance is provided to support multiple modes of transportation.

Bumpers currently have the option to work from home or in the office. In the coming months we will encourage people to return to the office with the flexibility of working from home when it makes sense to be happy and productive.


A platform to reward customers in fractional shares of stock.