Front End Developer

Job description

Indow is an award-winning Portland startup selling a new type of patented window insert. Our product was developed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The window inserts also have significant noise dampening properties to help customers enjoy peace and quiet even in noisy neighborhoods. We are experiencing healthy growth across the US & Canada and will expand to other countries down the road.

We are looking for a Front End Developer who will help Indow thrive by building our new website for easy purchasing of our custom product. Your goal will be to build pages that meet top tier performance ratings to maximize SEO. You will work closely with our Lead Developer and Creative Director to come up with pages that bring our visitors through an easy and efficient process with a modern design.

Key Responsibilities:

• Build site content pages for a better brand presentation and user experience, leading to a higher conversion and greater customer loyalty.
• Strategically choose solutions that support efficiency in rendering, loading, and painting of the page on the full spectrum of devices and networks without sacrificing accessibility or UX
• Monitor and track system processing and performance indicators to ensure business requirements are being met
• Balance design aesthetics with accessibility, keeping WCAG guidelines front-of-mind while seeking opportunities to push the boundaries of the web as a medium
• Configure, design, and develop solutions including key integrations to 3rd party tools

Primary Qualifications:

• 3+ years of professional front-end development experience.
• 2+ years of experience working with Angular 8+ or similar JavaScript frameworks,
such as React, VueJS, or Svelte.
• Comfortable with Git.
• Prioritize clean code in with HTML, CSS & JS
• Focus on the readability & maintainability of your code
• Ready to collaborate with a cross functional and dispersed team
• Experience with ecommerce preferred but not required
• Experience with Salesforce development (APEX) preferred but not required

What You Will Learn:

• How to build a robust custom product ecommerce platform and ordering system that integrates with Salesforce + in house order processing and manufacturing systems.


Award-winning window inserts for energy efficiency and soundproofing.