Frontend Engineer

Job description

BigML is looking for an energetic frontend engineer to accelerate the new versions of our dashboard, visualizations, and predictive applications. If you like to build interfaces that are simple, functional and delightful, and love to sweat the details, we would love you to become part of our team. We embrace distributed teams so location is irrelevant for any position at BigML, but we'll do our best to motivate you to temporarily, or permanently, move to Valencia (Spain) to work closer to other members of our User Interface team. If you're already in Valencia, that's a plus! As a frontend engineer you will work closely with our API and Design teams.


End-to-end ownership of major sections of our web user interface, new visualizations, and new predictive applications.


  • BSc or MSc in Computer Science.
  • Deep knowledge of HTML5 and responsive web design.
  • Proficiency with Javascript and Python.
  • Experience with D3 and Django.
  • Experience building scalable, performant and highly available user interfaces.
  • Passionate about creating best-in-class online experiences.
  • Excellent user experience intuition; demonstrated success in creating innovative and user-friendly websites and user-facing features.
  • Experience working on ultra-agile distributed teams.
  • Be able to work independently; anticipating and resolving problems.
  • Start-up experience is ideal.

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