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Based in Portland, Ride Report is a small software company accelerating the transition to a sustainable and efficient transportation system.

Over 50 cities around the world are using Ride Report to help manage the emergence of new and innovative forms of transportation – particularly shared micromobility such as electric scooters and bikes. We've shown that with the right tools, cities can harness the power of micromobility to rapidly transform their transportation systems for the better.

Learn more about our mission and values in our open source handbook. If it sounds like the right fit, we'd love to hear from you!

You'll lead the team responsible for growing our revenue against our goal of $1mm in H1 2021 and $4mm in 2022. You'll work directly with the CEO to develop and refine our sales motion and revenue growth strategy. You will work with other business leaders to define and deliver on our overall strategies for product, marketing, and sales enablement.

What you'll do, and the skills and experience you'll need to do it

1. Deliver on our sales targets

  • Comfortable providing hands on sales support
  • Comfortable owning key deals to close
  • Proven ability to hit aggressive revenue targets
  • Nice to have: Experience taking a company from product market fit to its first $10M in ARR
  • Experience selling into local gov OR
  • Experience with long sales cycle, complex contracting
  • Experience with complex, multi-stage sales motion
  • Experience with outbound sales
  • Experience with ACV in 6 figures
  • General knowledge of and empathy for our target customers

2. Go to market strategy and measurements

  • Comfortable working from high-level direction from CEO
  • Ability to train team and hold them accountable
  • Ability to qualify deals early
  • Obsessive about doing the right deals
  • Ability to systematically define and train others on deal qualification
  • Experience reporting on forecast and targets
  • Nice to have: Experience reporting up and out to CEO, company and board
  • Nice to have: Experience working systematically to define Sales Operations
  • Nice to have: Experience developing high output channel partnerships

3. Build and manage the team responsible for revenue and customer success

  • Grow the team
  • Experience onboarding and training sales reps
  • Nice to have: Experience defining and running a tight interview process
  • Nice to have: Experience working with and managing recruiters
  • Foster individual growth and accountability of direct reports
  • Experience managing people
  • Ability to drive accountability around company policies and practices, specifically relating to communication, hiring, and benefits
  • Ability to deliver clear, compassionate and actionable feedback
  • Nice to have: Experience defining systems to aid individual growth - goal tracking, reviews, etc
  • Help support and develop our management processes
  • Can speak to the importance of HR and management processes in supporting a team's individual and collective needs
  • Nice to have: Experience dealing with HR and management matters
  • Nice to have: Experience defining and implementing HR and management systems

4. Advance leadership excellence in alignment with our values

  • Strong business commercial orientation
  • Ability to understand how various business functions contribute to profitability
  • Experience working with basic financial metrics, and a thorough understanding of financial metrics relates to sales (CAC, LTV, COGS, NDR etc).
  • Acts quickly on commercial opportunities
  • Nice to have: Ability to identify new areas that can contribute to profitability
  • Nice to have: Ability to create drive for commercial behavior throughout the organization
  • Establish trust with direct reports, peers and company leaders
  • Ability to work with a product led CEO & founder at an early stage.
  • Ability to listen and understand other's ideas. Collaborative.
  • Demonstrates an openness to new ideas, able to be convinced even when they have a strong initial viewpoint
  • Nice to have: Demonstrated passion working on issues related to our mission – for example urban transportation, equitable city planning, climate change, or environmental justice
  • Share information and metrics in an accessible way, craft explicit processes
  • Experience defining explicit processes that resulted in positive organization results
  • Wield power with care
  • Healthy confidence, but manages their ego
  • Seeks to constantly improve leadership abilities. Willing to go above any beyond as a person in a leadership position
  • Facilitate clear strategic planning that includes every stakeholder's perspective
  • Nice to have: Experience running strategic planning meetings and exercises, with particular care that various stakeholders' perspectives are heard and considered
  • Mentor teammates or direct reports to develop their leadership skills
  • Willing and excited to help others grow
  • Nice to have: Experience mentoring

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary for this role will be determined based on the candidate's number of years of experience. Ride Report uses market data to transparently set the salary of every employee in a fair and standardized way. Learn why we don't negotiate our salaries and publish them instead.
  • Generous equity incentives. We also offer new candidates the option to trade some salary for additional equity.
  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave
  • Competitive health insurance plans via Regence (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • A 401k program that matches 50% of employee contributions up to the 10% of their salary
  • Vision and dental plans (Employee-funded)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for both health care and dependent care (Employee-funded)
  • Yearly professional development stipend
  • An eBike Enablement Benefit
Ride Report

A one-stop-shop for the ridership data cities need to keep moving.

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