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Lead Backend Engineer

Job description

We’re The Wild, and we’re passionate about collaboration and the power of technology to transform the way we work together. We’ve built a virtual workspace that allows architecture and design teams to collaborate at human scale in virtual and augmented reality.

We’re seeking an experienced backend and application engineer to join our development team. This role encompasses networking, cloud services provisioning, and data transmission. You’ll be building on top of our existing cloud architecture, but our solutions are not prescriptive—you will also be defining the bounds of the role as we grow, helping architect and implement our next-generation streaming solution. This is a problem-solving role that requires a broad variety of past experiences to draw on, so you can participate in deciding when we should use an established product and when we should build our own.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Building the next generation of our cloud and streaming architecture.
  • Maintaining and optimizing the existing AWS services and solutions.
  • Working with clients to address network security concerns.
  • Designing, documenting and implementing system architecture.
  • Writing robust, efficient and maintainable code.

What You'll Be Using:

  • Go, C#, Pulumi
  • AWS (EC2, S3, Route53, ECR, etc.)
  • Container and orchestration services (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • MQTT
  • Git
  • Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins, other build systems

About You:

  • You have 5+ years of experience developing production-ready backend systems, or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge.
  • You have 2+ years of experience administering AWS services, or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge.
  • You are test- and data-driven and excel at understanding how things work to keep them working.
  • You have deep networking knowledge—transport layer protocols (UDP, TCP), messaging protocols (MQTT, WebRTC, etc.), topologies (request/response, publish/subscribe, etc.).
  • You think about scaling issues—acquiring data has a cost, transporting bytes has a cost, provisioning services has a cost.
  • You care about network security and implementing best practices.
  • You are broad—you've mastered multiple programming languages and explored numerous computing topics. You're not done, and you're eager to share what you've learned.
  • You strive for elegance—complex systems pared down to the core concepts, clean and logical code.
  • You’re unique—you’ve read through this job description and it doesn’t capture everything you can do. You’re excited to bring more to the table.

Sound exciting to you? Join us as we build the future of collaboration.

The Wild

VR collaboration platform for architecture and design.

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