Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

Job description

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Mozilla recently launched a new Innovation Studio. We are a fast-paced organization of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minded individuals, ready to build new products and experiment quickly to improve and extend the way people access and engage on the web.  

We’re looking for a Full-Stack Engineer, who will be the first technical hire and technical lead on a new product line. You will play a key role in shaping and building a new product from early prototyping, to MVPs, to finding product market fit.  You are inventive, creative, and know just how far to plan ahead for a project that operates more like a startup than an established software product. You will work with a very small cross-functional team that includes design and product management, and you will have wide latitude to operate independently with your teammates. You love to be invigorated by new challenges, you love working collaboratively, and you will have a team that supports you in making your very best contribution.

This role is right for you if:

  • You are excited to build products that can impact future experiences on the web
  • You can lead technical development of a new product line, from prototype up to business-critical high traffic products
  • You can prototype and develop early stage products with an keen eye for user experience
  • You are able to develop right-sized architectural and software designs
  • You can write well-documented code and associated tests
  • You can communicate effectively across disciplines
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity and the unknown
  • You are curious and enjoy rapidly learning new tools, frameworks and platforms

Your Professional Profile

  • Proficient with Javascript, client- and server-side (Node.js)
  • Familiar with a front-end frameworks including Svelte or React
  • Experienced with SQL-based databases and NoSQL document stores
  • Adept with Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services
  • Experience developing software products in a startup or highly lean environments
  • Experience with application security fundamentals and best practices


  • Mobile app development experience, either using a native language (i.e. Swift) or a cross-platform framework (i.e. Reactive Native)

Developer of Internet-related applications such as the Firefox browser