Paid Media Specialist

Job description

Do you think KPIs are sexy? Do your dreams involve dashboards, target audiences, analytics, ROAS and ROI? Then we want to meet you!

Paid media is a megaphone for brand, and it’s critical to creating awareness and filling funnels. You enjoy working with our teams to plan and manage highly effective paid digital media that attracts and converts great customers.

You apply your deep background and passion for translating brand messaging and business goals into a cohesive paid media strategy that resonates with end users, drives conversions, and builds loyalty. With proven experience executing media strategy for large-scale brands, you know how to use all the modern channels to reach customers, and all the modern tools, analytics, and metrics to run measurably great programs. You’re always coming up with innovative ways to optimize campaigns and use the budget more efficiently to get the job done.

In short, every brand you touch kindles a high-performing, metrics-driven marketing system that lures loyalists like moths to our clients’ brand flame.

Responsibilities: Things You’ll Do

  • Manage: Daily management of digital advertising platforms: building audiences, campaigns, event optimization, bidding, placement targeting, account hygiene, device type rules, delivery frequency management, etc.
  • Audits + Insights: Conduct client and competitor paid digital media marketing
  • Reporting: Create and manage daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual paid media reporting using a combination of automated data connections for standard metrics, insights from hands-on analysis, recommended pivots, and next steps
  • CRO: Conversion rate optimization (CRO) research and collaboration with internal and external teams for paid media campaign landing pages and all applicable pages that a user may visit on their path to conversion to increase campaign effectiveness. Develop A/B testing programs for copy, creative, targeting, placements, and landing page destinations. Report on insights, make recommendations, and pivot strategies based on findings.
  • Ad Tech: Work in our account structure and set-up clients and campaigns across various advertising channels (Google Campaign Manager, SA 360, DV 360, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads Search + Display, Pinterest, LinkedIn Ads, Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor SPBD + Media Center, Expedia TravelAds, Bing Ads, etc.). Research and recommend improvements and changes to the adtech we’re using to support our client programs.
  • Collaborate: Create campaign briefs, asset requirements, and tickets for various team members including designers, developers, and external stakeholders and collaborate on the evolution of our service offering

Qualifications: Traits and Experience

  • At least 2+ years managing 2+ brands with aggregate spends of $100k/year+
  • Experience managing paid digital marketing campaigns for brands across multiple key channels (social media, ppc, display, travel or industry specific)
  • Channel specific experience + certifications: Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, Google Ads Certified, Facebook Blueprint Certification, Google analytics and tag manager certification - Metasearch and travel oriented ad experience a plus
  • Strong data reporting & analytical skills: pulling data, creating data tables, translating and using data to glean insights, inform strategy, develop KPIs/benchmarks, and make recommendations
  • High levels of integrity, managing our client’s budgets responsibly and accountable to the results
  • Experience with paid media metrics, how they interplay with one another, developing program KPI’s and reports to manage over time
  • Seeks out and receives feedback well; open-minded, curious, and collaborative work-style
  • Experienced in market, product, audience, and research and analysis
  • Understanding of the changing Paid Media landscape and the ability to quickly adapt including researching and finding solutions to challenges
  • Written + verbal executive summaries; ability to distill complex information and details into high level insights and recommendations

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