QA Engineer

Job description

Kinsa is looking for mid to senior-level QA Engineers to join our Engineering team during an exciting time of accelerated growth. This is a great opportunity to join an exciting, rapidly growing company with a highly collaborative and high-performing team.  If you are a strong QA generalist with a breadth of project and testing experience across mobile/web, server, and hardware with a passion to learn… then this position could be for you.

Kinsa was founded with a mission to stop illness from spreading by knowing where and when it starts. Our mission has never been more important or more relevant than it is right now. We are leading the charge in the fight against COVID-19. Our real-time map of illness has been featured in the New York Times, on Rachel Maddow, CNBC, FOX News, The Economist, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, etc.  Turn on the TV, open the paper… We are making headlines bringing our data to the fight. We’ve done this by successfully transforming the first device you grab when sickness strikes - the thermometer - into a sensor to detect when and where illness is rising and communicate with those who have just fallen ill.

About You

We are looking for smart and passionate engineers who want to work on problems that matter in the world. Given our diverse technology stack, we prefer self-starting, generalist engineers who can dive into a variety of projects and make meaningful contributions quickly. We are also looking for strong specialists who can teach the rest of us how things should be done! This a great opportunity to shine in your current area of expertise and expand your testing expertise to new areas: mobile/web (iOS, Android, web portals), server (API, database, analytics), hardware (BLE connectivity, firmware, usability), and so much more. If this sounds exciting... keep on reading!


·       Perform manual and automated software QA in areas such as mobile/web apps, APIs (application programming interface), analytics, data-driven products, etc.

·       Perform manual and automated hardware QA in areas such as firmware operation codes, Bluetooth connectivity, ISO V&V (International Organization for Standardization, Validation & Verification) testing, etc.

·       Drive to closure problems/bugs via solid investigation, reporting, and tracking

·       Perform build and release activities for internal and production environments

·       Define and track quality metrics  

·       Champion quality in all aspects of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

·       Collaborate with cross-functional teams of Product Managers, Designers, Developers, and QA

Experience and Qualifications

·       5+ years of experience in a QA engineer role

·       Experience with GraphQL and/or RESTful API test automation frameworks and supporting infrastructure

·       Applied understanding of GraphQL, REST API, Python, Java, Cypress, etc.

·       Experience with build & release CI/CD pipeline tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, etc.

·       Thrive in high-quality, software engineering startup environments

·       Enthusiastic self-starter with an upbeat, adaptable, positive attitude

·       Excellent communication and social skills, especially within a distributed work environment


·       User advocate with an appreciation for public health

·       Experience with mainstream consumer mobile/web apps

·       Experience with mainstream consumer hardware (wearables, IoT, etc.)

·       Familiarity with other programming and test tools such as TestNG, REST Assured, PyCharm, Karate, Postman, Swagger, SQL, etc.

About Us

At Kinsa we are driven by our mission to track and stop the spread of contagious illness. We’ve

done this by transforming the first device you grab when sickness strikes - the thermometer -

into a sensor to detect when and where illness is rising, and communicate with those who have

just fallen ill. We are technologists, designers and health professionals who have built best-

selling products, started successful ventures, and brought life-saving treatments to millions of

people. We are backed by successful entrepreneurs and top VCs like Kleiner Perkins, GSR

Ventures and FirstMark Capital.


Healthtech company offering a bluetooth-connected thermometer.