Cloud Campaign

Senior Product Manager

Job description

We’re a Series A startup building a software platform to help marketing agencies streamline workflows and grow their businesses!

Cloud Campaign was ranked as one of the “Top Small Companies to Work For in Colorado” by BuiltIn during their 2022 annual report.

We take work-life-balance seriously. Every week we have Half-day Fridays! Let your weekend start early, play catch up on errands, enjoy some time with the kiddos — use it as you see fit :)

We have a creative space in downtown Boulder where the team meets up a few days per week. You choose whether to come into the office or work remotely.

We're a tight-knit team: those choosing in-office go out to lunch somewhere on Pearl every Wednesday. Monthly, we do team events and wellness events. Annually, we do a company retreat, and we also give back to the community through at least one annual volunteer day.

What are you looking for?

We're hiring a Senior Product Manager to map customer needs to product features/stories with the end goal of driving the business.

You'll have autonomy and ownership, while being the key stakeholder between the CEO, customers, and our engineering team.

It will be your responsibility to determine the priority and order of new product features, presenting the roadmap to the company’s leadership team on a quarterly basis. Cross-department communication will be critical for success in this role.

We have thousands of marketing agencies using our core product, anxiously awaiting our product expansion into becoming the operating system for marketing agencies. You will be a key driver behind this initiative defining the MVP of our two new products (CRM + Invoicing) that we will be releasing in 2024.

You will also have the opportunity to ensure our core product (a social media management dashboard) stays ahead of the competition and defines us as a market leader in the space.

Am I a good fit?

Are you passionate about working with a cross-functional team to build and deliver mission-critical business capabilities for thousands of small businesses?

Do you enjoy a collaborative and open work culture?

Can you find the balance between driving long-term business outcomes with showing near term progress for customers?

Do you enjoy the challenge of optimizing and scaling key business processes to support Cloud Campaign's growth through Series B and to a future IPO?

If you answered yes to these questions, this role will keep you engaged and challenged with significant room for growth.

So, what will I be doing?

  • Own and develop a product roadmap driven by customer feedback, industry needs, and our CEO's vision
  • Identify undercapitalized business opportunities and make a business case to pursue new ideas
  • Interface with customers and our go-to-market team to test and validate solutions
  • Define acceptance criteria for new stories and work directly with engineers to build the right products and features
  • Maintain an open and consistent feedback loop with Sales and Customer Success to ensure we are exceeding customer expectations and are providing an amazing experience

Am I qualified?

To be qualified for this role, you have:

  • 5+ years of product manager experience in the SaaS space
  • End-to-end implementation experience including requirements documentation, systems configuration, project management, issue management, and cross-team communication
  • Strong communication skills; both written and verbal
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills or experience
  • Logical/Perceptive, problem-solving, detail-oriented, solution-oriented
  • Flexibility/Adaptability/Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Foundational understanding of how businesses work and SaaS metrics
  • Ability to listen to customers’ needs and ask qualifying questions to peel back the layers, allowing Cloud Campaign to develop an innovative, unique solution

Why Cloud Campaign over, say... Google?

  • Culture
  • Ownership and impact
  • Equity

We know that every company says they have a great culture, but we're confident that once you get an opportunity to meet the team, you'll see what makes Cloud Campaigners different.

Cloud Campaign is a 30-person startup — you'll be working directly with our CEO and have total ownership of our product roadmap and have the gratification of knowing that you are the key driver behind the company's success and expansion into new products.

Earn a sizable equity stake in a fast growing startup. To date, our company valuation has more than tripled with every venture round that we've raised. You can expect your equity value to more than 40x by the time we take the company public.

We're also keen on promoting from within and see this role as a natural transition into Head of Product if you perform as we hope and have the desire to run an entire org.

What do y'all stand for?

Our mission is to help marketing agencies scale.

Our vision is to democratize starting, running, and growing a marketing agency.

Core values that we live by:

  • Balance over Burnout
  • Default to Transparency
  • Maintain a Learner's Mindset
  • Provide an Amazing Experience
  • One Team, One Mission

Cloud Campaign

Software helping marketing agencies manage more social media clients.