Software Engineer – Front End

Job description

Sensu is looking for a new member of our team to help shape the future of monitoring. The Engineering team is primarily responsible for developing the Sensu commercial offering. You will be working closely with our Product team to identify areas where the commercial product can provide additional value to our customers. You'll also have the opportunity to contribute to the Sensu open source framework as part of your day-to-day work.

The Software Engineer position will care for the following responsibilities

  • Build compelling features that help Sensu provide value to users and that help Sensu stand apart from its competitors
  • Build visualizations and other user interface elements to simplify complex operations (e.g. managing distributed and ephemeral cloud compute)
  • Improve Sensu web app performance and responsiveness at scale (i.e. making it easier to manage distributed systems that number into the tens or hundreds of thousands of devices)
  • Adhere to the Sensu Code of Conduct

About You

  • You have experience writing, testing, and shipping web applications written in Javascript, Typescript, and Golang
  • You are familiar with GraphQL and the ReactJS framework
  • You focus on user experience when designing and building new interfaces
  • You are interested in monitoring and observability, and experienced building tools for other engineers
  • You know when NOT to introduce or develop a new Javascript framework 😅
  • You have a thoughtful, transparent, and humane approach to work


  • Competitive and transparent salary, $125,000 USD or $150,000 CAD per year.
  • Equity! Every member of Team Sensu receives equity in Sensu, Inc. (in the form of common stock options).
  • Work from anywhere in the United States or Canada! We have always been a distributed team with flexible working hours and no central office location.
  • 4-week minimum vacation policy, only used for full days off (20 days of PTO per year). Employees with unused vacation at the end of the year will have their access to company resources disabled until the new year (e.g. email, Slack, GitHub, etc), corresponding to their balance of unused PTO! If you manage to exhaust your PTO, additional PTO will be granted depending on impact to team objectives.
  • Company paid holidays, based on the US Federal holiday schedule of 10 days per year (may be exchanged for alternate dates, e.g. Canadian holidays, personal days, etc).
  • Company provided health care for employees located in the United States (includes medical, dental, and vision coverage). Company pays 100% of premiums for employee, spouse, and dependent children.
  • Company paid disability insurance (overlapping short-term and long-term coverage).
  • Company paid life insurance policy, $100K guaranteed (no medical exam required).
  • Monthly phone & internet allowance ($150/mo).
  • Equipment allowance! We provide an equipment and furniture allowance for new employees, with an allowance refresh every 18-months. If you're new to working from home, we'll help you get everything you need for a comfortable & productive home office setup!

Professional Development Opportunities

At Sensu, professional development is not only encouraged – it is expected. Individual career growth opportunities abound and may be expensed as an employee benefit. Looking to level up some technical ability, advance your leadership skills, or continue some education? Whether you're beginning your career or mastering your craft, Sensu will help you get to the next level of you.


The open source monitoring event pipeline.

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