Software Engineer - Frontend - Mobile

Job description

The Company

At HazAdapt, we are building the world’s most trusted and human-friendly technology for emergency communication and public wellness. Our products are used by both emergency managers and the public to foster a level of resilience and inclusivity that has not been seen in the industry before. Our team is small and cross-functional, with a focus on honesty and growth.

The Role

We’re looking for a frontend engineer to work on our premier public-facing mobile application. This is the primary portal for the public and emergency managers to interact with, customize, and share emergency information with their families and community members. You will work very closely with UX engineers to implement a complex mobile client, as well as interface with our backend team to ensure high performance.

The pace is fast here, and people often wear multiple hats. Our mobile team is working with React Native in an Expo environment. We don’t expect you to have deep experience in our tech stack, but you should be very comfortable working in an Agile environment with JavaScript/TypeScript. You should also have experience using a mobile JS framework like React Native to build complicated UIs. We support learning on the job, and expect our team members to adapt quickly to the environment.

Here are a couple of examples of what you might be working on:

  • Building geolocation interfaces with real-time technologies.
  • Implementing inclusive UIs to support emergency managers in high-stress crisis situations.

Who We Are Looking For


  • At least 1-2 years of experience building React Native applications
  • A hunger for growth, curiosity, and drive to build a revolutionary product is key.
  • We put a lot of trust in our team, and that comes with some big responsibilities.
  • Strong communication skills will be crucial here, especially now that we are remote, and we expect that you are capable of being open when it comes to work.
  • Amazing work > years of experience > degrees
  • We know incredible experience comes in many forms. We focus most on amazing, thoughtful work, not just in frontend, but across the whole tech range and beyond.


  • Experience shipping mobile applications to production environments, including the App Store and/or Google Play Store, is a huge plus.
  • Experience in information communication technology (ICT) or emergency mass notification technology.
  • An understanding of the principles of accessibility and an ability and eagerness to build products that are accessible to users with different abilities.
  • There are huge kudos to be had if you have experience building inclusive products and working on A11Y accessibility standards.


This is a pre-revenue startup, and the work you do here is incredibly impactful. You will have the opportunity to seriously make an impact on a wide range of features, and the company as a whole. You will also have an opportunity to earn meaningful equity.


As a pre-revenue startup, we are currently offering this position as an equity-based position, with the goal of offering competitive salaries in the near future.


Emergency communication and public wellness.

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