Staff Platform Engineer

Job description

You possess strong software engineering fundamentals and extensive experience working with Java. You have broad experience working with distributed systems. You enjoy digging into unknown codebases to unravel unexpected behaviors. You value reliability, testability, and maintainability. You're proud of the code you write and systems you design, but you're also pragmatic and believe in iteration. You know when it is time to refactor, and when it's time to ship. You desire to be part of a team that is founded upon the aforementioned principles.

About the Position

The Core Engineering team is focused on designing systems for scale and reliability while planning for the future of Airship’s stack and product direction. We provide low latency services that process a stream of events from both apps/web/mobile wallet/email/SMS and internal services. We also support large analytical workloads, querying across billions of events and Terabytes of data.

●      Our backend infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform.

●      Our backend infrastructure is primarily Java.

●      Our platform uses microservices that talk to SQL and NoSQL databases.

The Core Engineering team is a new team at Airship. As such, this position will be heavily involved in forming the culture and foundation of the team.

Experience and Skills

●      5+ years experience with operating and maintaining distributed systems

●      Experience in leading and owning multiple large scale releases/projects

●      Experience defining standards on how product features and services are built by multiple teams is a plus

●      Calmly work in a fast-paced environment to ensure continuous delivery

●      Experience providing structured mentorship and guidance for less experienced engineers, helping them break tasks down, providing thoughtful code reviews, and taking responsibility for the growth of the engineers on your team

●      Strong verbal and written communication skills

●      Solid fundamentals with Linux

●      Interfacing with product teams to ensure correct design and implementation.


Customer engagement platform for orchestrating personalized messaging.