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Starve Ups

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Starve Ups

Starve Ups was Oregon's first startup accelerator, and is its only scalerator, which is defined as an end-to-end accelerator. Starve Ups was founded by founders and is solely made up of a community of startup founders and their membership companies.

Formed in October of 2000 the scalerator provides support for founders from inception to acquisition to scale membership companies through all three defining stages of the startup lifecycle, known as the Survive, Strive and Thrive stages.

In turn, founders in Starve Ups have the highest levels of success through scaling daily with the support of their hundreds of peer co-founders, who collectively provide proven peer mentoring, highly established networks, vetted strategic partnerships, direct investment and funding sources, and every possible startup resource available.

Program Details


SURVIVE the first 18 to 36 months where as many as 2/3 of all startups fail, and where the greatest mistakes are made, and the most time is wasted. This is the stage of the startup lifecycle where a good portion of founders seek out an accelerator and seed capital to launch their dream.

This is the stage where Starve Ups helps founders select their corporate structure, build prototypes and MVPs, recruit advisory boards, initially raise funds and/or run crowd funding campaigns, garner early stage vendors, make initial hires, build go to market strategies, etc.


STRIVE into greater sustainability, profitability and expansion, when interest, investment and support tend to slow down and the models take hold. This stage of the startup lifecycle is generally in years 3 through 7, where the majority of founders raise significant rounds & build suitor relationships.

This is the stage where Starve Ups helps founders build upon their marketing strategies, sales processes and sales cycle management, VAR and partnership development, team building efforts, ongoing fundraising rounds, suitor relationship building efforts, advanced strategic development, etc.


THRIVE for their positive exit, IPO or existence strategy, and when our members turn into active investors, seasoned mentors, and close the startup circle. This is the stage of the startup lifecycle generally in years 7 through 12, and is where startups become brands & acquisition candidates.

This is the stage where Starve Ups helps membership companies build their overall exit strategy options, identify buyers, build investment banker relationships, build their value prop for being acquired/merged, and complete their transactions. Then, they work to become angel investors and support the next generation.

John Friess

John Friess

Executive Director
August 2020