Agility Robotics

Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
11 - 100 Employees

Agility Robotics

11 - 100 Employees
Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics was founded in 2015 to enter markets newly enabled by recent scientific and technical breakthroughs in robotic legged mobility. Agility’s roots stretch back to co-founder Jonathan Hurst’s PhD research at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 2000’s (where he and Damion Shelton, also a co-founder, met). ATRIAS and Cassie, shown below, were developed by the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at Oregon State University from 2009-2016 and licensed to Agility for commercialization.  Cassie, Agility’s first product, was sold from 2017-2019. Digit was developed beginning in 2018 and brought to market in mid-2020.


Amazing robots can only come from the most talented people working together, with the right tools and resources, having fun, and aiming high. This is our goal: build a great company with a focused vision of mobility in the real world, comprised of the world’s best roboticists, with a culture of ambition and excellence paired with a healthy work-life balance. This is the place to show what you can do, and love doing it.


Agility Robotics focuses on legged mobility as a dynamical phenomenon; in other words, legged mobility at its core is more about dynamics and physics than it is about perception and online decision-making. Our mechanical and controls teams work closely together, approaching the passive dynamics and control software as a single integrated dynamical system.

While we focus on mobility, arms are a piece of the puzzle for inertial actuation and getting up from a fall, and will be necessary as mobile manipulators to navigate our world. And although a dynamics foundation underlies everything we do, perception and higher-level decision-making will enable stairs, clutter, uneven outdoor environments, and other footstep planning tasks. Our team is growing from a dynamics and mechanical design foundation, and we are building the technical diversity to cover these broad areas.


Agility Robotics is playing a long game - not a 3-year startup flip. We are here to have an impact; to provide robots for logistics and package delivery, and change the face of our economy; to provide robots for in-home use, changing how we live; to provide robots for dangerous situations, to keep humans out of harm’s way; and, in general, to make a positive difference in the world and improve the quality of life for us all.


Agility Robotics seeks applicants who have a portfolio of robotics projects and hands-on experience. Applicants are not required to have existing experience with legged locomotion. We seek people with initiative, creativity, and the ability to learn, along with a cross-section of skills that will make a contribution to the company. Our job descriptions are intended to be examples of sets of skills that would be useful, rather than narrow definitions.

As a growing startup company working at the forefront of robotics research, candidates for all job openings are expected to:

  • Communicate complex concepts clearly and succinctly.
  • Work in a tightly coupled team environment.
  • Work under limited supervision, managing yourself and others to achieve big-picture goals.
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Benefits and Perks
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Equity for all employees
  • Employer-matched 401K retirement plan
  • High-quality health, dental and vision insurance
  • Five weeks of vacation
  • Unlimited sick days
  • Strong work-life balance emphasis
  • Relocation assistance provided

Damion Shelton


Jonathan Hurst


Mikhail Jones

Co-Founder & VP of Software

Steve DiAntonio

VP Business Development


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