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11 - 100 Employees
11 - 100 Employees

Alma builds critical SIS tooling that significantly improves school operations and empowers educators to foster better student outcomes, so we can create the greatest generation of educators, so that they can create the greatest generation of students.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, and every member is critical to our mission. We believe that the work we are doing will have an impact on society, and as such, we operate on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, accountability and continuous improvement. As individuals, we each take ownership over our roles and responsibilities and drive them until they are done well.

We value our employees. Our benefits include fair pay, flexible vacations, comprehensive medical benefits, and the tools and support to get the job done right.

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Benefits and Perks

- Fair Pay

- Flexible Vacations

- Comprehensive medical benefits

- Tools and support to get the job done right

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