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11 - 100 Employees
Avea Solutions

Avea Solutions provides addiction treatment and substance abuse treatment centers with revenue cycle management software to help their teams capture more revenue with less work. Designed specifically for behavioral health treatment facilities, we help them get paid fully and quickly for the services they provide by bringing them full visibility into their financial operations, giving their teams the tools they need to correctly bill and collect efficiently, and a sense of control over their business and their bottom line.

Because most billing software available to treatment centers is intended for traditional medical providers and does not meet the billing requirements for behavioral health, treatment facilities are often under paid while teams are burdened with manual processes and workarounds. From patient intake and benefit verification, across every Utilization Review, marking attendance and getting claims out the door, working denials and collecting payment – we’ve built the intelligence of critical behavioral health processes, workflows and payer knowledge into our software that:

  • Automates tasks to ensure claims are billed correctly and payments are maximized
  • Reduces the time to complete simple tasks that have typically taken teams hours, down to minutes
  • Provides full visibility and oversight into operations with real-time dashboards that alert management and teams to the work needing attention so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Puts critical metrics at executive management’s fingertips so they can make informed decisions that impact patients, staff and profits and identify trends and potential issues that could impact cash flow and revenue

We are proud to do our part in supporting treatment facilities for the lifesaving work they do. We help over 600 treatment centers across the country bill and collect hundreds of millions in revenue annually, so they can spend more time with their patients – and less managing their claims and chasing payments.

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  • We live by a strong ethic of always being transparent, accountable, and delivering on our commitments. When we see a problem, we move to solve it while always operating with the highest integrity on behalf of our clients, each other, and our community.


  • We choose to stand in the other person’s shoes by taking the time to ask questions and listen to each other and to our clients. We focus on seeing things from a different perspective to ensure that we have the knowledge to identify root causes and arrive at the best possible solution.  


  • We build trust by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. We are unafraid to show up for difficult conversations and to respectfully challenge when we disagree.


  • We encourage one another to confront uncertainty and take risks. We know that growing and innovating involves making mistakes. Our passion to monitor, iterate, and constantly improve leads to learning. Our resilience comes from not being afraid to make mistakes, share what we’ve learned, and move forward.


  • We choose to be on this journey together and believe we can lift our clients and teammates up through positivity, support, and appreciation. We get a lot done and have fun along the way, celebrate our wins, and feel the joy of delivering on our mission every day.
February 2021