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11 - 100 Employees
11 - 100 Employees
Lumen Learning

Lumen Learning creates affordable digital course materials using open educational resources (OER). Every Lumen OER course is designed to improve learning and replace expensive textbooks in high-enrollment college courses. Adding timely updates, learning design, and technical support to OER, Lumen makes the transition to open content simple, reliable, and effective for instructors and students.

Lumen course materials curate the best available OER aligned with learning outcomes. Typical content includes text, video, interactives, assignments and assessments, all integrating seamlessly into your learning management system (LMS).

We offer OER courseware in three formats:

1) Waymaker's data-driven learning design and messaging tools can increase student engagement and completion rates, according to efficacy research.

2) OHM is an extremely flexible OER math homework engine that supports the frequent practice and immediate feedback students need to master quantitative subjects.

3) Candela courses provide curated OER in e-book format with full edit privileges.

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Kim Thanos

Founder & CEO

David Wiley

Founder & Chief Academic Officer

Tom Chapman

Chief Operating Officer


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Values and Diversity


We genuinely care. We have a deep commitment to our mission, to the people who share our mission, and to achieving the results our mission requires. We care about each other and are united in our common goals.


We solve difficult problems that others might avoid. We find ways to accomplish things that at first seemed impossible. We see the potential in everyone around us.


We help people be their best. We lend a hand to push or pull others forward. We humbly acknowledge that we don’t always get it right. We learn from failures. We express gratitude.


We share openly, knowing that others will build upon and expand the impact of our work. We contribute resources, expertise and goodwill to the commons. We seek to learn and commit to share what we know.

September 2020