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1,000+ Employees

Multnomah County

1,000+ Employees
Multnomah County

At Multnomah County, our organization’s top priority is to meet the many needs of our residents. We provide a wide array of essential services including: health, community justice, roads, elections, libraries, jails, bridges, tax and assessment, marriage licenses, animal services, passports, mental health and addiction services and more.

The county and its departments are governed by our non-partisan, publicly-elected Board of County Commissioners. The board is made up of four commissioners representing their respective districts and the chair of the board, who serves as the chief executive officer for the county.

Our diverse, dynamic workforce is comprised of more than 4,500 employees whose work collectively touches every person who lives, works or does business in Multnomah County. As an organization, we value a culture of inclusivity, sustainability and innovation. And we continuously strive to improve the quality of life for county employees and residents alike.

Working for Multnomah County means having the opportunity to make a real difference in the community, no matter what position you hold. From department directors, to librarians, to election workers-- and everywhere in between -- county employees dedicate themselves to meaningful service. This work matters.

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