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101 - 500 Employees
Open Dental

Open Dental Software is a powerful, flexible, affordable Dental Practice Management Software. Proudly supporting dental practices of all sizes and varieties all over the world.

In the past, the only options for dental practice management software were expensive, rigid, and proprietary. Dr. Sparks, our founder and a dentist himself, wanted something better. He longed for a program that was affordable, customizable, and robust in its capabilities. Realizing that a program like that did not yet exist, he set out to develop one on his own.

In just a few years, that self-taught programmer and dentist had accomplished his goal and Free Dental was born. While using the program during development in his dental office, Dr. Sparks relied heavily on critique from his own dental hygienists, assistants, and office managers giving him unique insight into what makes a dental practice management software user-friendly, efficient, and effective for everyone in the office. Dr. Sparks felt that every dentist should have access to such a powerful, flexible, and affordable program. Thus, Free Dental became Open Dental Software, an open source dental practice management software open to change, open to progress, and available to all. Users were then encouraged to offer feedback and suggestions to facilitate continuous improvement and Open Dental users were so satisfied with the results, news of this innovative program spread like wildfire in the local and online dental community.

Today, Open Dental Software employs a diverse group of over 150 engineers, support techs, dental professionals, trainers, IT specialists, conversion specialists, and more. An estimated 20,000 dental practices in countries around the world use the program. Innovative improvements are frequently released based off of user feedback and industry standards. Open Dental and its staff are passionate about simplifying practice management and dedicated to providing an unmatched product with exceptional support.

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  • 401k retirement with up to 4% company match
  • Paid life insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid time off (vacation or sick time)

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