Portland General Electric

1,000+ Employees

Portland General Electric

1,000+ Employees
Portland General Electric

For 130 years, we’ve been powering our community and helping connect Oregonians to what matters most to them. Today, we’re focused on delivering energy that is safe, clean, reliable, affordable and secure.

Our world and our industry are faced with new and exciting challenges driven by evolving technology, changing customer expectations and a shared desire for a clean energy future. Every day, we take new steps that get us closer to the energy transformation we want to see in Oregon.

Why does this mission matter so much to the people who work at PGE? Because we live here, too.

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Benefits and Perks
  • Competitive salary
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Retirement savings including a company match
  • Electricity discount (in PGE territory)
  • Company incentive program with potential bonus
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Education Assistance for relevant professional licenses
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Gym access at four PGE locations
  • Mentorship and professional development programs

Maria Pope

President and CEO

John Kochavatr

Chief Information Officer

John McFarland

Chief Customer Officer


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Values and Diversity

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace drives innovation and opens access to different perspectives.

For more than 130 years, Portland General Electric has been powering our community, and we will continue bringing innovative solutions to ensure a bright energy future for Oregonians.

We know, however, that disparities exist in delivering electric service that are shaped by regulatory policy, legislative policy and institutional procedures. We cannot ignore the historical barriers and biases affecting low-income households, communities of color, people with disabilities and other historically underserved communities. Nor can we ignore the societal inequities that make it harder for these groups to access renewable energy programs, technologies and jobs.

Addressing disparities is now part of our job at PGE, and our commitment to supporting the success of communities we serve runs deep. That’s why we invite the voices of people and communities that experience these disadvantages to help shape PGE’s clean energy future.

For our part, we’re committed to racial equity in all aspects of our operations, including customers, employees, the communities we serve and the people with which we do business.

Understanding this, we actively pledge to:

  • Apply an equity lens to all aspects of our business, collaborate with our communities and prioritize their voices to inform our decisions.
  • Partner with others to break through economic, cultural and language barriers. We want to ensure all customers — regardless of income, background, ethnicity or physical location — can benefit from the evolving way energy is generated and delivered while keeping rates low.
  • Enforce equitable policies for hiring, promoting, developing and compensating employees. We commit to being a green employer of choice, to building an employee and leadership base that mirrors the communities we serve and to cultivating a workplace culture that embraces equity.
  • Develop ways to measure, track and share our progress on these commitments to ensure accountability.
  • Revisit and update these commitments annually as part of our ongoing journey to an equitable energy future.
November 2020