Powin Energy

101 - 500 Employees
101 - 500 Employees
Powin Energy

Powin is a global leader in cost-effective, safe and scalable battery energy storage systems. The Powin Stack™ and StackOS™ battery energy storage platform is a vertically integrated and purpose-built solution for the demands of utility-scale, commercial and industrial, and microgrid applications. Powin's Stack hardware also features a modular architecture and streamlined installation process allowing for efficient scaling from MWhs to GWh scale.

Behind Powin's industry-leading products is an unrivaled team of experts from across the energy industry, almost three decades of supply chain management expertise and extensive battery management software development proficiency.Headquartered in Greater Portland, Oregon, Powin provides the large-scale energy storage systems that are essential for utilities, IPPs and project developers as they develop the highly flexible and reliable grid of the future. Powin's business model, which spans from battery cell procurement through project operation, allows the company to control the full integration of its systems, closely manage assembly costs, control quality, and have certainty around supply chain. To date, Powin has installed or delivered over 250 MWh of battery storage projects, and coupled with its contracted sales pipeline, will exceed 1 GWh by 2021.

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Values and Diversity
Safety is our Top Priority

Safety of our Employees, Safety of our Product Design

Passion for Sustainability

Renewable energy, grid modernization, and supporting our customers’ success are at the foundation of Powin’s mission

Having Fun while Doing Groundbreaking Things

Developing energy storage technology is no easy feat. We strive to provide a positive work culture and environment so that we can have fun in the process.

November 2020