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11 - 100 Employees
11 - 100 Employees
Ride Report

Ride Report empowers cities around the world to bring new, clean forms of transportation — including shared e-scooters and e-bikes — to life. We are a one-stop shop for the ridership data cities need to keep moving.

Ride Report is an always-improving tool that gains new features every month. From electric scooters to autonomous eBikes, working with Ride Report means you can always adapt to the latest operator technology and innovations in the market.

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Benefits and Perks
  • Ride Report offers competitive benefits but does not allow individual candidates or employees to negotiate their salary or equity compensation. See how they conduct compensation reviews.
  • Equity Incentives
  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave
  • Health Insurance, including mental health via Regence (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • A 401k program matching 50% of employee contributions up to the 10% of their salary
  • eBike Enablement Benefit
  • Yearly professional development stipend
  • Annual Transportation Wallet
  • Unlimited Snacks (HQ)
  • Quarterly off-sites (HQ)

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William Henderson

CEO of Ride Report


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Values and Diversity


Ride Report is accelerating the transition to a sustainable and efficient transportation system.

Core Values:

  • Every resident plays a role in the evolution of their community and city
  • Every perspective matters so long as it is expressed in a tolerant and non-violent manner
  • Information should be shared in an accessible way
  • Goals should be explicitly stated, so that it is clear who and what they serve
  • In balancing the needs of individuals versus the collective
  • Systems work better when they're designed to serve everyone equitably

See Ride Report's Open Source Employee Guide

November 2020