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1 - 10 Employees
1 - 10 Employees

Shift is defining the future of education and training through the use of cutting edge virtual reality. Shift provides VR and AI-based training to allow people to recognize their own biases and gain tools to address it and track lasting change and progress.

A women-founded technology company, Shift draws on 35+ years of research and experience in equity and immersive technology to deliver highly effective training and learning outcomes at scale. We bring together the software, hardware, and support needed to deliver our safe and innovative proprietary training methodology.

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Wendy Morgan

Founder & CEO

Maggie Hubbell

COO & Co-Founder


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Values and Diversity

We are a woman founded company with a passion for improving lives.  We don't just bring a cool tech tool to teaching and learning, at our core we care about helping people show up as their best selves in their workplace and communities, empowering them with skills and confidence.

Our unique combination of futuristic technology and a focus on core human values drives everything we do.

January 2021