Social Ventures Partners Portland

Social Ventures Partners Portland

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Portland connects Portlanders who want to build a better community. Together, we make enduring, structural change:

  • Our Investor Partners want to contribute to a more socially just Portland. They also want to know their donations make an impact, to share their expertise and leverage their influence along with giving cash.
  • Our Community Partners have the vision, knowledge and approaches to advance social justice and support those who need it most, but require more resources to achieve their goals.

Working together, we become Partners for Good.

SVP Portland is a part of an international organization that amplifies the impact of those out to do good: connecting and supporting donors, nonprofits and social enterprises so they can make a greater impact together.

Internationally, SVP operates in 40 cities with over 3,000 Partners. Each affiliate focuses on making lasting change in its respective city or region. Collectively, the network’s cash investment to date has been $70 million in over 3900 nonprofits.

Founded in 2001, SVP Portland has invested $2.8 million in 26 nonprofits in the Portland metro area. One investment alone has returned more than $330 million in refunds to working poor families so far on our investment of $170,000. Unlike most other affiliates, SVP Portland is focused on solving a singular, focused goal each decade.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Executive Director
September 2020

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