Womens VC Fund

Womens VC Fund

WomensVCFund makes investments in early stage (A/B), revenue-generating, high-growth companies led by management teams inclusive of women.

Backed by Harvard Business School classmates (men and women) and two prominent institutional investors, the founders closed the Women’s Venture Capital Fund in late 2013 to invest in venture-worthy women entrepreneurs seeking Series A and B financings at revenue-generating, capital-efficient companies. Management teams were required to include both women and men. What we deem a more risk-intelligent approach to venture capital.

WomensVCFund II, launched in late 2017, builds upon that initial pioneering success and is poised to capitalize on the inflection point of high-quality, female-led startups.

Scores of studies now show that firms with women in senior management outperform on nearly every metric. Simply put, gender diversity is critical to entrepreneurial success.

Edith Dorsen

Edith Dorsen

Managing Director
September 2020

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