Digital Advertising Specialist – Enterprise

Job description

Adpearance is a Portland-based, results-driven digital marketing agency that helps businesses to generate the most quality leads possible. We’re well known as the best in automotive and are successfully expanding to more verticals, too.

But that’s what we do. Anyone who is applying deserves to know who we are.

We are the Nerdherd. A group of people who have an innate desire to connect with something bigger than ourselves– both professionally and personally. Who love to solve problems. Who see the beauty of the mind. Who want to balance work-from-home flexibility with being part of a community. We know we’re a part of something special and want to attract curious minds to make our performance, company, and culture better. The three words our employees most frequently use to describe working at Adpearance: Welcoming. Challenging. Fun.

If that sounds like the kind of company you want to be a part of, there’s good news. We’re hiring for a Digital Advertising Specialist.

About You

You like to work, you’re good at delivering results, and you’ve got the data to prove it. Show us the stats: How you beat performance benchmarks. How you contributed to a successful team. How you won over that impossible client. We’re looking for intrinsically-motivated leaders like you to advance our thinking and make the whole team better.

The Position

The role of a Digital Advertising Specialist is to be a trusted resource and strategy driver on our Enterprise-level clients. In addition to development, the Digital Advertising Specialist is responsible for maintenance and management of various campaigns, internal tools/systems, or service offerings.


  • Creation and ongoing development of digital advertising campaigns
  • Management and maintenance of digital advertising campaigns including:
    • Budgeting and bid management
    • Ad copy/keyword/targeting updates
    • In-depth secondary/tertiary account updates (ie. RLSA, extensions, shared libraries, placements, etc.)
    • Analyzing data and acting upon it to improve account performance
    • Changes to keep up with the latest service offerings across Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other advertising platforms
    • Changes to abide by client requests/needs/new services
    • Updates to campaigns from global account analysis
  • Cross-team and client communication and education, including, but not limited to:
    • In-depth reporting
    • Executive summary presentations
    • Account planning and execution
    • Development of actionable insights
  • Act as a reliable training resource to other team members, including, but not limited to:
    • Maintaining internal documentation to ensure it is always up-to-date and in-line with best practices
    • Facilitate development of newer team members
  • Act as both a reliable contributor and leader, understanding when it’s time to support and when it’s time to facilitate.
  • Other functions include:
    • Updating ad creative
    • Using internal tools for purposes of tracking/reporting and data-diving in an effort to increase overall account performance
    • Managing, maintaining, and developing internal tools, providing feedback and updates, and working across teams to improve performance/reliability


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word
  • Must be proficient in spelling and grammar utilization
  • A strong mathematical background is strongly preferred
  • Must be comfortable working with large data sets
  • A keen attention to detail is strongly preferred
  • Must be Google ads certified
  • An understanding of website development, HTML, CSS, or Javascript is preferred
  • Ability to speak up/callout issues when they arise is strongly preferred
  • Ability to present reports/findings to clients is strongly preferred

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent job experience required
  • Experience working in Google ads, Microsoft ads, or Facebook ads required
  • Experience working in Google Analytics required
  • Experience with data visualization software (Google Data Studio/Looker Studio, Tableau) is strongly preferred

Starting Salary Range:  $48,000 – $80,000


Adpearance is a digital marketing company.